Why I chose Skwirk for homeschooling

Mother/Writer/Blogger Tara Force discusses using Skwirk for homeschooling

Over the years we’ve used a few different online learning resources but I’m particularly excited about trying something NEW for 2015.

Skwirk has had a make-over and quite frankly, it’s awesome. There is nothing quite like it around at the moment and it has some great functions that work well with homeschooling. It offers some great options for independent learning as kids get older all the way up to year 10 as well as options for younger ones.

As an educational tool it is aligned with the Australian curriculum so if that’s important to you, or you just like to occasionally see where your kids sit in relation to their peers (like I do) this is a good thing.

The subjects it includes are maths, english, science, geography and history.

My plan was to use this for my 5 year old who is ‘technically’ in his first year of school next year. At that age it is all animation based. They can watch videos on certain topics and the interactive activities tell them what to do which is important if they aren’t fluent readers yet.  However, once I learnt about all the things you can do I’m thinking it will be a great resource for encouraging some independent learning for the older kids.

And here’s why…..

You can use the new teacher tool and set their lessons even to the detail of date and time. My kids have a gift of being able to figure out how to avoid lessons and find the games on online programs so this function is great. But they aren’t just set lessons. You can add YouTube clips or other videos and images making it a more exciting and complete lesson. It also gives YOU control over the lesson as you can add to the information there, change it around, cut and paste and highlight important bits. You can also print out or set worksheets if you so desire and even create your own quiz to test knowledge of the topic. I feel this element of control over the information presented makes it appealing for us homeschoolers.

The way that we use online resources in our homeschool is as a supplement to our lessons. I also use it for one child while I work with another. However, this new Skwirk opens up a whole new way to use these resources. You can set lessons for each child for them to complete each day to the length amount you feel is suitable for your child. You can also keep online records of their progress to show your local friendly homeschool inspector (that’s what we call him) when he pops by.

If you are looking for something new for 2015 or hunting for an online learning tool that is different to the other online programs out there then Skwirk is worth a look.

You can currently get 50% off the home educator option with the discount code ‘mummedia’. Click here to get started.

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