Skwirk is bringing an education revolution to Australian teachers

It’s no secret that Australian public schools are under-funded and under-resourced. Hard working teachers and principals all over the country work to bring a high-quality education to millions of students, despite the lack of support. What’s more, teachers are coming under increasing pressure to meet a diverse range of learning needs and styles, deliver innovative lessons and prepare students for complex jobs. Even the most hard-working, talented, experienced teachers can find themselves under extreme stress.

Why reinvent the wheel?


Teachers are using Skwirk across multiple platforms.

That’s where Skwirk comes in. We know that, between delivering lessons, marking, assessments and keeping parents happy, teachers and principals have their work cut out for them. So we thought we might help. We’ve developed a truly enormous range of online education tools and teacher resources, in order to help Australia’s educators save both money and time. Our site contains more than 18,000 classroom-ready resources – from iPad resources to interactive whiteboard resources to education videos. Literally years and years of educational expertise and experience have gone into their development.

Teaching the Australian curriculum

All the main subject areas of the Australian curriculum are covered – from the English curriculum and the history curriculum to the maths curriculum and the science curriculum. Students of all ages – from kindergarten level to Year 10 – are taken care of.

Thousands of resources in one location

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 07.43.20

Boomerang Maths – One of over 1000 interactive games.

Whether you’re a secondary principal who wants to help teachers across a range of faculties or a primary teacher who needs to address numerous subject areas every day, Skwirk can come in really handy. Rather than having to subscribe to several different sites, you only need one account, and you’ll find everything you need at your fingertips.

All resources are well organised, not only according to subject areas, but according to topics, too. Whether teachers need to explain the intricate details of the Australian federal parliament or how to categorise the country’s native flora and fauna, there are complete unit plans available. Lessons are supplemented with rigorous assessment and reporting tools, so teachers can keep a close eye on students’ progress and provide supplementary lessons whenever necessary.

Meeting a range of teaching and learning strategies

We know that students learn in a variety of ways. And that’s why Skwirk has resources covering a range of strategies – whether pupils learn best visually or kinaesthetically, there are plenty of options for them, from amazing animations to interactive games. Teachers can mix and match a range of activity styles to best meet the needs of their classes.

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