New Content by Australian Teachers for Australian children!

Our Content Manager Katie Lowson explains how the team decided which areas of the curriculum to target when creating the new resources:
G’day Skwirkers, 
What a busy few weeks it’s been! We really wanted to give you some fantastic new resources for the new term so we worked against the clock while you were on holidays to put together a load of new content. 
At Skwirk we’re passionate about supporting the Australian Curriculum in its quest to enhance intercultural understanding and provide students with the tools and language to engage with and better understand their world at a range of levels. With this in mind, and after receiving feedback from students & teachers keen for more resources in this area, we decided we’d make this our focus for new content to start the term. 
So, take a look! Here are a few links to just some of what we’ve published this week:
Visit our K-2 English section and navigate through the ‘Literature and Context’ unit then the Texts are Created by Authors’ topic to view these animations: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stories and There are Storytellers in All Cultures!. They are designed to support learning for ACELT1575.
Visit our K-2 English section and navigate through the Talking and Listening’ unit then the Languages spoken in Australia’ topic to view this animation: Languages of Australia. It’s designed to support learning for ACELA1426. 
Visit our years 3&4 English section and navigate through the Speaking and Listening’ unit, the ‘Australian Languages’ topic then then the ‘Australian Accents and Dialects’ chapter to view this animation: Our Aussie Accent!It’s designed to support learning for ACELA1487.
Visit our years 5&6 English section and navigate through the Speaking and Listening’ unit, the ‘Australian Languages’ topic then the ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages’ chapter to view this animation: Languages of Australia. It’s designed to support learning for ACELA1515.
If you’re using an old version of Internet Explorer I suggest updating it to Internet Explorer 11 or switching to Chrome to view these beautiful resources. 
It’s been a huge privilege to work with such talented teachers, curriculum specialists and animators to produce them! 
As always, feedback is much appreciated. Tell us what you want!
Over the coming weeks our Content Team will be working to produce more exciting new resources for primary maths and English, and some extra special science animations to promote Science Week!
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