Skwirk: Celebrating 10 Years

In the last ten years Skwirk has evolved again and again to best support the latest teaching methods and the integration of new technologies into the classroom. Now Skwirk is being utilised in over 1400 Schools, by more than 19,000 Teachers and 200,000 students in Australia and we’re growing with new Skwirkers joining from all around the world, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK.

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The Early Years

Skwirk was founded in 2005 by company Chairman Rod Salmon. As an entrepreneur and a father, he was frustrated by the lack of high-quality, Australian resources for his children to use as part of their school projects and assignments. The original concept was to create a safe online destination and learning environment for students to use, however after positive feedback from schools and teachers, Skwirk was taken into the classroom, and we have not looked back!

Ten years ago now, schools were installing computer labs and began to bring laptops into the classroom. These were the early years of Skwirk and we want to say a special thank you to all of the schools, teachers and students who have been with us since the beginning and for enthusiastically embracing our resources, your support has helped us become the Skwirk of today!



(L-R) Skwirk CEO, David Weston, NSW Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events, Stuart Ayres and Skwirk Chairman, Rod Salmon

Engaging Students, Enhancing Learning

Taking on-board important feedback from teachers, more options to customise learning for individual students was an important step forward.  

Five years ago, many schools began to use Interactive Whiteboards and teachers were given the ability to customise Skwirk content to personalise their own lesson plans. Suddenly, lessons became media rich experiences incorporating interactive exercises, animations and video content! The feedback from Teachers was overwhelming as they expressed how delighted they were that their students were more engaged, retained more information and had fun in the process!

One of the biggest benefits of bringing Skwirk into the classroom as reported by teachers was that it easily caters to a range of different learning styles, with something to suit every student.



New Curriculum Aligned Content, Every Week

Week by week Skwirk continues to grow with new texts, interactive activities, animations, videos, games, worksheets, images and podcasts being added all the time! Today Skwirk has over 18,000 resources covering Maths, English, Science, Geography, History and Commerce.

To better use all these wonderful resources tools were developed for teachers to bookmark and highlight sections and a helpful calendar function to assign content so that it is ready to access in class. The feature that made teachers’ lives even easier was the simple Curriculum Code search, displaying all relevant content in just a few seconds. Because all of Skwirk’s resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum (did you know that you can also search by NSW Curriculum Codes too?), everything on Skwirk integrates into the classroom with ease to enhance lessons from Foundation all the way through to year 10.

Reporting and assessment tools at the end of a topic also help teachers to monitor the progress of individual students. These reports help to inform future teaching and learning so that the appropriate information is assigned to a student to meet their learning needs.

Screen shot 2014-08-26 at 09.03.371


The Skwirk Team together at a recent training conference

The Future of Skwirk

In the last few years many Schools have introduced individual devices for each student and with the endorsement and ongoing implementation of the Australian Curriculum, Skwirk has evolved again! Since introducing our Home Educator subscription less than a year ago we’ve had nearly 500 families subscribe (watch this space for an exciting announcement regarding our 500th Home Educating family very soon!). We’ve come a long way since those early days back in 2005!

Skwirk’s CEO, David Weston reflects on reaching this milestone –

“I think it is important to remember why we are here. Throughout the changes in technology and the evolving of our resources, Skwirk’s mission has always been to make teachers’ lives easier and support different learning styles. I feel very proud when I think about the thousands of students whose skills and knowledge were improved by our content.

I look forward to future developments in the Education sector and how Skwirk will continue to evolve with these processes.”

Thank you for Skwirking with us and sharing the journey so far – here’s to the next ten years!

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