How to help students with different learning styles improve their grades with Skwirk

There is no one-size-fits-all teaching method that will help every child in a class to learn. Instead, each person tends to respond in a unique way to different stimuli. Different learning styles require different teaching methods, and Skwirk can make it possible to tailor information to suit the many minds housed together in the same classroom.


In order to help students improve their grades, the eLearning database of Skwirk is designed to cater to an array of different learning styles. Some students will respond best to colourful animations, videos and visual stimulus, others will respond to aural learning – listening to the information presented. Others still will be able to retain information if they experience it via a demonstration or by doing it themselves. Many will respond to a combination of these techniques – every class and every child is unique.

Because each student will have their own individual style of learning, it can be a challenging task for a teacher to create lesson plans with so many personalities in the room. It’s no easy feat to make classes and assessments for students that will be helpful to everyone, especially if some students simply cannot fit within that particular learning framework. What works for most may exclude some from the process of learning. This means that without an inclusive lesson plan, teachers can run the risk of leaving some students behind.

Not only is the aforementioned situation upsetting, but the fact that a myriad of learning styles can exist in the same room makes it hard to assess students’ progress on their report cards. How can teachers mark educational progress fairly? Some teachers know that their students are intelligent and have engaged with their learning material, however this may not be reflected in their marks. Why does this happen? It can be because the testing format is not one in which the child can communicate what they know. 

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Skwirk Online Education is an invaluable resource to solve this problem within classrooms. Now there is a way to create a fairer method of assessing what students have learnt. This is because everyone can have the chance to fully comprehend their classes, and be tested in a way that allows their learning style to flourish. By using Skwirk, it is possible to assign tasks that teach the same information in line with the Australian curriculum, but in different ways to suit different learning styles. Teachers are able to assign individual students or groups of students their own activities, assessments and tasks. This is how Skwirk has been helping students improve their grades for years.

Although it is true that some students require a certain style of learning in order to retain information, it is also true that a blend of teaching approaches give kids a better change of learning as well. This is yet another advantage of this online education system. Revising the same information is made invigorating when kids are able to do so via varied and interactive methods.

Education has come a long way since children got in trouble for not being able to memorise their textbooks. Help your students get the best start and tackle learning from a new angle.  

Skwirk is offering all individual teachers 30% off a Skwirk subscription until the end of December. Simply use the discount code eLearning when subscribing. Click this link to get started.

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