Skwirk’s growing home education popularity

Online learning services like Skwirk are revolutionising the world of home education, making it easier and more effective to conduct than ever before.

The number of children learning at home in New South Wales alone has risen by 65% in the past four years (, and at Skwirk, we’re seeing more and more parents sign up for our online interactive portal every day.

Skwirk brings Australia’s curriculum to the home

The big reason why more and more home educators are turning to Skwirk in Australia is because our online content directly reflects the Australian teaching curriculum.

A big challenge in the past for parents educating their children at home was to provide textbooks, tests and content that was in keeping with what was being taught in the regular school system.

If they failed to do that, their children could have been at a disadvantage, negating any positive outcomes of bringing the classroom into the home.

The rise of the internet and online education portals like Skwirk means that it’s now easier than ever to access high quality teaching materials that allows parents to perfectly replicate what’s being taught in school in their own home.

isaac skwirk 2

Home education can be effective

Another major reason more and more home educators are turning to Skwirk in Australia is that home schooling is well and truly a viable alternative to regular schooling.

Through home education, parents can tailor their child’s education to their abilities and interests and provide a more focused learning environment than what can be found in the regular school system.

And by using Skwirk’s online education portal and its wide range of lessons and teaching aids, parents and their pupils have everything they need for effective learning at their fingertips.

Skwirk’s cost effective education

Sending your children to school can be one of the most expensive things you ever undertake, with some places of education charging tens of thousands of dollars a year. And that figure excludes the cost of uniforms, books and extra curricular activities.

If you can educate your child at home to the same level of quality as a regular school for a fraction of the price, then it’s a no brainer.

Skwirk is offering home education subscriptions for just $200 a year, giving you access to most major subjects taught in the Australian curriculum as well as teacher tools, student assigning, tracking and reporting.

It’s a complete package that puts the power of education in the hands of both parents and children.

Skwirk is the answer for home education

At Skwirk we think the growing trend towards home education is very exciting. Our mission is to provide the highest quality teaching materials and teaching aids through our online portal, and knowing that our content is being used in homes, as well as schools, makes us proud.

Home education can be very effective and Skwirk can help bring the Australian curriculum to a tailor-made learning environment.

For a free trial subscription to our service, just click this link 

Watch the home educator video tour below:

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