Education Revolution

The school students of today are undoubtably facing a different education environment than the one that confronted their parents. The introduction of substantive curriculum changes over recent years can make it challenging for parents and caregivers to understand what their children are studying. This mystery around the contents of children’s study can mean that many parents are concerned about how to best support their kids. There is now a straightforward and easy to access resource that parents and caregivers can trust to help students make the most of their education. That resource is called Skwirk.

Skwirk is an interactive, online learning portal designed for students from reception to year 10. This award winning education system was established in 2005 and started out as a way of helping students with their homework. Teachers soon realised the benefits of the Skwirk method and it has now grown to provide resources for students, parents, teachers and schools. Skwirk covers subjects including maths, English, science, geography, history and commerce. The team behind Skwirk have responded to the need for a service that acknowledges different learning styles and it does that effectively by using diverse study tools including videos, worksheets, animations, assessments and more. The flexibility within Skwirk ensures that the resources are relatable for children and young people and, even more than that, the students actually want to use it.

The carefully prepared tools within Skwirk offer a number of benefits for students. The range of subjects that Skwirk covers ensures that the time that would usually be spent searching and juggling multiple resources is used productively. It is designed to reflect how children and young people like to learn, making it less of a chore for them. Furthermore, students using Skwirk to assist with their revision can also earn points through assessments and assignments, thereby competing for rankings with students from around the country. This element of competition can engage even the most reluctant student.

The benefits are not just for the students however. This is a learning portal that parents can have confidence in. Skwirk is 10 years old and has, from its inception, prioritised the importance of being a safe online presence. Students can freely use the site without parents needing to have any concerns. Not only is Skwirk a safe place for students to spend time but it is also a cost-effective service. Skwirk users pay only $99 to have all core subjects in one place. Parents receive regular email reports and updates, ensuring they can monitor the topics being studied and progress being made.

Skwirk is a very easy education community to become part of. Parents, schools, students and teachers can simply visit to learn more about the services offered and sign up for a free trial. There are easy website links to turn that free trial into longer-term enrolment.

Skwirk offers a robust, responsive and practical way for families to take control of their education needs. Join an education revolution and become a Skwirker today!